Biotechnology Adoption Over Time In the Presence of Non-Pecuniary Characteristics that Directly Affect Utility: A Derived Demand Approach

Nicholas E. Piggott and Michele C. Marra
North Carolina State University Generally, new production technologies are adopted because they will increase ...
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The Economic Realities, Sustainable Opportunities, and Technical Promises of Biofuels

James S. McLaren
StrathKirn® Inc. The supply of petroleum transportation fuels appears to be increasingly finite, while demand only continues to ...
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Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects, 1996-2006

Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
PG Economics Ltd., Dorchester, UK Genetically modified (GM) crops have been grown commercially on a substantial ...
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Performance of Tissue-Cultured Sweet Potatoes Among Smallholder Farmers in Zimbabwe

Edward Mutandwa
Bindura University of Science Education, Africa Tissue culture has the potential of improving the livelihoods of subsistence farmers that ...
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Biofuels in the US: Today and in the Future

Martha Schlicher
GTL Resources Corn-grain-based ethanol has the real and viable potential of producing 15 billion gallons of ethanol by 2015, ...
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