Financing of Regional Biotechnology Regulations: Lessons from West Africa

Nicholas A. Linacre
The University of Melbourne, Australia
Regina Birner
University of Hohenheim, Germany Access to agricultural technology is important for increasing food ...
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Role of Biotechnology in Stimulating Agribusiness R&D Investment in India

Carl E. Pray
Rutgers University
Latha Nagarajan
Rutgers University and International Fertilizer Development Center Biotechnology influenced Indian R&D through three channels: Bt cotton ...
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Bioproduct Approval Regulation: An Analysis of Front-line Governance Complexity

Lisa F. Clark and Peter W.B. Phillips
VALGEN, University of Saskatchewan The behaviors and seemingly disconnected exchanges between actors operating within ...
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Managing Trade in Products of Biotechnology—Which Alternative to Choose: Science or Politics?

Stuart J. Smyth, William A. Kerr, and Peter W.B. Phillips
University of Saskatchewan Biotechnology has triggered a spirited debate about how ...
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For the Approval Process of GMOs: The Japanese Case

Ayako Ebata
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany
Maarten Punt and Justus Wesseler
Technische Universität München, Freising, Germany This article reviews the approval process of genetically ...
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Ex-ante Economic Analysis of Biological Control of Coconut Mite in Benin

Jofrey M. Oleke, Victor Manyong, and Djana Mignouna
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Tanzania
Aida Isinika and Khamaldin Mutabazi
Sokoine University of Agriculture, ...
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The Trade Dispute About Genetically Engineered Products: Argentina Against the European Communities

Moisés Burachik
Instituto de Agrobiotecnología Rosario (INDEAR), Argentina From 1998 to 2003, the European Commission (EC) applied a de facto moratorium ...
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