Muhammad Awais Bhatti Department of Management, College of Business Administration, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa 31982, Saudi Arabia


Due to pilgrimage, development, and tourism culture, luxury hotels are large in numbers in Saudi Arabia and the innovation of green practices is required to be adopted. The study's purpose is to determine the green creativity (GC) among luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia concerning the role of green organizational culture, self-efficacy, environmental orientation, and green work engagement (GWE). 316 responses from luxury hotel employees are considered the final sample size of this research and structural equation modeling is used for data analysis. The research demonstrated that the mediating role of GWE is significant between industry macro culture (IMC), cultural fragmentation, green self-efficacy, internal environmental orientation (IEO), external environmental orientation (EEO), and GC. This study has developed a unique model new in the literature. The dimensions of GC developed in this research model weren’t reported in the models of previous research works. Furthermore, the GC -related theoretical implications of this research are reliable to improve the body of knowledge in a significant way. Furthermore, the findings of this research are practicable to improve GC among luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords:green creativity, green work engagement, environmental orientation, organizational cultur.