Theodoros Skevas and Justus Wesseler
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Pedro Fevereiro
Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

This article investigates the attitude and practices of Bt and non- Bt maize farmers in Portugal. Thirty-seven Bt maize farmers were interviewed, representing 22.5% of the total number of Bt maize notifications in the country and 31.5% of the total area planted with Bt maize in 2007. Additionally, 66 non-Bt maize farmers were surveyed in an attempt to investigate their opinion on the Bt technology, its viability, and its future. The most interesting finding is that almost half of all the surveyed maize farmers stated that the ex-ante regulations are rigid and difficult to apply. Key words: coexistence, Bt maize, Portugal