Zoia Komirenko, Michele M. Veeman, and James R. Unterschultz
University of Alberta

This article analyzes responses from a 2008 survey of Canadian meat consumers about concerns regarding genetically modified (GM) feed used in livestock meat production. Approximately 50% of the sampled consumers express relatively high levels of concern about GM feeds. Based on the results from an ordered probit model that relates respondents’ ratings of concern to their demographic characteristics, residents of Quebec and British Columbia tend to be more concerned than those in other locations. Respondents who express more trust in food industry institutions and show more confidence in buying beef and chicken tend to express less concern about GM animal feed. Other demographic characteristics and the household’s levels of expenditures on different types of meat are not found to have an effect on expressed concerns with respect to GM-fed animals.

Key words: Canada, consumers’ concerns, genetically modified (GM) feed, ordered probit.