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Volume 22 // 2020
AgBioForum Subject Index
P — Economic Systems
P160 - Capitalist Systems: Political Economy
Biofortified Crops and Biotechnology: A Political Economy Landscape for India 10(3)
Bharat Ramaswami
Policy Gridlock or Future Change? The Political Economy Dynamics of EU Biotechnology Regulation 13(4)
Johan F.M. Swinnen and Thijs Vandemoortele

Q — Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics (general)
A Farm-level Perspective on Agrobiotechnology: How Much Value and for Whom? 2(2)
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
A Survey of National Labeling Policies for GM Foods 3(4)
Peter W.B. Phillips and Heather McNeill
Advanta: Worldwide Challenges 4(1)
Jos Bijman
AgrEvo: from Crop Protection to Crop Production 4(1)
Jos Bijman
Agricultural Biotechnology and Industry Structure 4(2)
Murray Fulton and Konstantinos Giannakas
Agricultural Biotechnology and Public Attitudes in the EU 3(2&3)
George Gaskell
Agricultural Biotechnology: Master of the Universe? 1(2)
Sano M. Shimoda
Analyzing Quality and Quality Assurance (Including Labeling) for GMOs 3(4)
Julie A. Caswell
Animal Agriculture in the EU and Multifunctionality 3(2&3)
Claude Béranger
Antibiotic Resistance in the EU: Science, Politics, and Policy 3(2&3)
Ghislain Follet
Are Research Alliances Between Private Firms and Land Grant Universities Compatible With the Original Purpose? 2(1)
Donald A. Holt and J. Bruce Bullock
Assessing the Prospects for the Transfer of Genetically Modified Crop Varieties to Developing Countries 2(3&4)
Greg Traxler
Balancing Basic, Genetic Enhancement and Cultivar Development Research in an Evolving US Plant Germplasm System 2(1)
Greg Traxler
BASF: Agbio Fast Follower 4(1)
David Wield
Bayer Ag: Chemicals and Life Sciences 4(1)
Villy Søgaard
Biofuels in the US: Today and in the Future 11(1)
Martha Schlicher
Biotechnology and the AgChem industry 1(2)
Paul E. Kindinger
Biotechnology offers US Farmers Promises and Problems 2(2)
Gregg Hillyer
Biotechnology R&D Races, Industry Structure, and Public and Private Sector Research Orientation 4(2)
James F. Oehmke
Biotechnology: an Essay on the Academy, Cultural Attitudes, and Public Policy 2(2)
Drew L. Kershen
Capital Market Values of Agricultural Biotechnology Firms: How High and Why? 1(2)
Bruce Bjornson
Codex Alimentarius, Biotechnology, and Technical Barriers to Trade 3(4)
Mark Mansour and Jennifer B. Bennett
Consumer Attitudes towards Genetic Modification, Functional Foods, and Microorganisms: A Choice Modeling Experiment for Beer 5(2)
Michael Burton and Dale Pearse
Consumer Demand and Production of Organics in the EU 3(2&3)
Bertil Sylvander and Aude Le Floc'h-Wadel
Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for GM Food Products in Italy 3(4)
Stefano Boccaletti and Daniele Moro
Consumers and GM Food Labels: Providing information Or Sowing Confusion? 3(4)
Edna Einsiedel
Cross Pollination from Genetically Engineered Corn: Wind Transport and Seed Source 4(2)
John M. Jemison, Jr. and Michael E. Vayda
Decomposing the Size Effect on the Adoption of Innovations: Agrobiotechnology and Precision Agriculture 4(2)
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, Stan Daberkow, and William D. McBride
Direct and Hidden Costs in Identity Preserved Supply Chains 3(4)
Richard Maltsbarger and Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
Economic Impacts Associated With Bovine Somatotropin (BST) Use Based on Survey of US Dairy Herds 3(2&3)
Stephen L. Ott and C. Matthew Rendleman
Economics of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin on US Dairy Farms 2(2)
John Fetrow
EU Agricultural Policies and Implications for Agrobiotechnology 3(2&3)
John B. Richardson
EU Regulation and Consumer Demand for Animal Welfare 3(2&3)
James Moynagh
Evaluating the Gains Associated with Biotechnological Improvement: The Case of Kiwifruit in New Zealand 2(2)
Svetlana Bohorova and Frank Scrimgeour
Exploring the Public's Role in Agricultural Biotechnology Research 2(1)
Steven Sonka and Steven Pueppke
Farm-level Production Effects Related to the Adoption of Genetically Modified Cotton for Pest Management 2(2)
Cassandra Klotz-Ingram, Sharon Jans, Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, and William McBride
French Ag-Biotech SMEs: Development Prospects 4(2)
Vincent Mangematin, Stéphane Lemarié, and David Catherine
GM Food Labeling and the Role of the Codex 3(4)
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes and Peter W.B. Phillips
Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Environmental Effects, 1996-2008 13(1)
Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Income and Production Effects 1996-2007 12(2)
Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects, 1996-2006 11(1)
Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects in the First Ten Years of Commercial Use 9(3)
Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
Herbicide-tolerant Soybeans: Why Growers Are Adopting Roundup Ready Varieties 2(2)
Janet Carpenter and Leonard Gianessi
How Will US-Based Companies Make It in Europe? An Insight from Pioneer and Monsanto 4(1)
Stéphane Lemarié
Impacts of Herbicide Resistant Rice Technology on Rice-Soybeans Rotation 4(2)
Mamane Annou, Michael Thomsen, and Eric Wailes
Industry Consolidation, Public Attitude, and the Future of Plant Biotechnology in Europe 1(2)
Pierre-Benoit Joly and Stéphane Lemarié
Inequality and GM Crops: A Case-Study of Bt Cotton in India 10(1)
Stephen Morse, Richard Bennett, and Yousouf Ismael
Innovation Challenges for the European Agbiotech industry 4(1)
Jos Bijman and Pierre-Benoît Joly
Intellectual Property Protection, Biotechnology, and Developing Countries: Will the Trips Be Effective? 2(3&4)
William A. Kerr, Jill E. Hobbs, and Revadee Yampoin
Intellectual Property Rights and Concentration in Agricultural Biotechnology 1(2)
William Lesser
Introduction to the Pita Project 4(1)
Jos Bijman and Pierre-Benoît Joly
KWS: Going Beyond Sugar Beet 4(1)
Jos Bijman
Language and Persuasion in Biotechnology Communication With the Public: How to Not Say What You're Not Going to Not Say and Not Say It 4(2)
Steven B. Katz
Limagrain: A Cooperative Spirit Among the World's Seed Leaders 4(1)
Pierre-Benoît Joly
Marketing GM Foods: The Way Forward 5(3)
Peter W.B. Phillips and David Corkindale
Novartis: New Agribusiness Strategy 4(1)
Joanna Chataway
Partnerships Between Public and Private: The Experience of the Cooperative Research Center for Plant Science in Australia 2(1)
Chris Buller and William Taylor
Product Differentiation Alternatives: Identity Preservation, Segregation, and Traceability 5(2)
Stuart Smyth and Peter W.B. Phillips
Public Agricultural Research and the Protection of Intellectual Property: Issues and Options 2(3&4)
Mywish Maredia, Frederic Erbisch, Anwar Naseem, Amie Hightower, James Oehmke, Dave Weatherspoon, and Christopher Wolf
Public and Private Collaboration on Plant Biotechnology in China 2(1)
Carl E. Pray
Public Perceptions of Tobacco Biopharming 9(2)
Jonathan Nevitt, Bradford F. Mills, Dixie W. Reaves, and George W. Norton
Public Science, Biotechnology, and the Industrial Organization of Agrofood Systems 2(1)
Steven Wolf and David Zilberman
Public/Private Alliances 2(1)
Gordon Rausser
Regulating Agri-food Production in the US and the EU 3(2&3)
Tassos Haniotis
Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance in the US 3(2&3)
James Coffman
Regulation of Biotechnology in LDCs: Implications for Technology Development and Transfer 2(3&4)
George Tzotzos
Regulation of rBST in the US 3(2&3)
Robert Collier
Rhône-Poulenc Agrochimie: An Uncertain Future 4(1)
Gérald Assouline and Pierre-Benoît Joly
Seminis Vegetable Seeds 4(1)
Esther Grávalos and Alejandro García
Sophisticated Irrigation Technology and Biotechnology Adoption: Impacts on Ground Water Conservation 2(2)
Talah S. Arabiyat, Eduardo Segarra, and David B. Willis
Structural Change in the Biotech Seed and Chemical Industrial Complex 1(2)
Marvin Hayenga
The Adoption of rBST on Wisconsin Dairy Farms 3(2&3)
Bradford L. Barham, Douglas Jackson-Smith, and Sunung Moon
The Agricultural Knowledge System: Appropriate Roles and Interactions for the Public and Private Sectors 2(1)
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
The Changing Agricultural Research Environment: What Does It Mean for Public-Private Innovation? 2(1)
Cassandra Klotz-Ingram and Kelly Day-Rubenstein
The Codex Alimentarius Commission: Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations 3(4)
John R. Lupien
The Concept of Natural: Implications for Biotechnology Regulation 3(1)
Drew L. Kershen
The Distribution of Benefits from the Introduction of Transgenic Cotton Varieties 2(2)
Greg Traxler and José Falck-Zepeda
The Economics of Within-field Bt Corn Refuges 3(1)
Jeffrey Hyde, Marshall A. Martin, Paul V. Preckel, Craig L. Dobbins, and C. Richard Edwards
The Estimated Profit Impact of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin on New York Dairy Farms for the Years 1994 Through 1997 4(2)
Loren W. Tauer
The Impacts of Biotechnology on the Grain Processing Industry 1(2)
Joel Ebbertt
The Labeling of GM Foods: The Link Between Codex and the WTO 3(4)
Don Buckingham
The Precautionary Principle: An Impossible Burden of Proof for New Products 3(4)
John N. Hathcock
The Process of Developing Labeling Standards for GM Foods in the Codex Alimentarius 3(4)
Anne A. MacKenzie
The Producer Benefits of Herbicide-Resistant Canola 2(2)
Murray Fulton and Lynette Keyowski
The Profitability of rBST on US Dairy Farms 2(2)
L.J. Butler
The Regulation of rBST: the European Case 3(2&3)
Dirk Brinckman
The Role of Science in EU Regulatory Policies 3(2&3)
Bertrand Carsin
The Role of Science in Regulation and Decision Making 3(2&3)
Stephen Sundlof
Trait Enthusiasm Does Not Guarantee On-farm Profits 2(2)
Karen Coaldrake
Transforming Commodity Animal Agriculture: How Easy? 3(2&3)
Dennis DiPietre
Unlike Water, Money Can Flow Upstream and New Food Systems Will Make It Happen 1(2)
Matt Renkoski
US Animal Agriculture: Making the Case for Productivity 3(2&3)
Michael Roberts
US Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology: An Overview 3(4)
Neil A. Belson
Voluntary Labeling of Foodstuffs Derived from Modern Biotechnology 3(4)
Mari Stull
What Is Codex Alimentarius? 3(4)
Eddie Kimbrell
What Lies Behind the GM Label on UK Foods 3(4)
Janet Nunn
Why Does Biotech Regulation Differ So Much Between the US and EU? 3(2&3)
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
Will Biotechnology Bring Prosperity to Rural America? 1(2)
Bill Freiberg
Zeneca Agrochemicals 4(1)
Joyce Tait

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