N. Lalitha and P.K. Viswanathan
Gujarat Institute of Development Research

Technology adoption in agriculture depends on the access to information by farmers. This article focuses on the diffusion of seed and pesticide technology among the Bt cotton growers in Gujarat, India. Even though the dealers are supplying two crucial inputs in cotton cultivation, information provided by them appears to be limited. Dealers are aware of hybrid features of the seeds, but have very little knowledge about the Bt traits, use of refuge, and the targeted pests. Farmers seem to select the variety on their own after experimenting with more varieties, and there is very limited extension support. Dependency on the organized seed market seems to be increasing compared to the initial years of introduction of Bt. On the use of pesticide, though, farmers appeared to assess the situation before spraying the chemicals, yet the kind of chemicals used raise health, environmental, and productivity concerns in the long run.

Key words: Agriculture Bt cotton diffusion, extension pesticide, seed, technology.