Michele C. Marra
Professor of Agricultural Economics, North Carolina State University

The compendium of studies that make up this book, along with the cohesive introduction and conclusion sections written by the editor, presents a comprehensive picture of the global impacts of crop biotechnologies thus far. For the most part, this is accomplished through chapters written by economists in the various regions of the world where crop biotechnologies have been commercialized. The global synthesis is left to the reader with some very good help from the editor in the concluding chapter. The book is unique in that allows the reader to get a glimpse of geographically diverse assessments and viewpoints on the topic of the impacts of crop biotechnologies. It also provides some state-of-the-art economic analyses that attempt to shed light on some of the most controversial aspects of these technologies¬ó such as their impacts on pesticide use and consequent environmental impacts, on the relationship between adoption of these technologies and changes in agronomic practices and ecological impacts, and on human health and changes in other sources of risk. Read More….