Consumer Acceptance of Sugar Derived from Genetically Modified Sugarcane in South Africa

Hester Vermeulen, Marnus Gouse, Marion Delport, Marlene Louw, & Taaibah Miller
Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), South Africa The ...
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Consumer Demand and Prospects for Commercialization of Nutritionally Enhanced GM Bananas in Uganda

Enoch Kikulwe
Bioversity International Marsy Asindu
Makerere University Biofortified banana (Musa spp.) is being promoted by the biotechnology industry to reduce Vitamin ...
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An Economic Account of Innovation Policy in Canada: A Comparison of Canola, Wheat, and Pulses

Stavroula Malla
University of Lethbridge, Canada
Derek G. Brewin
University of Manitoba, Canada There is significant evidence that investments in agricultural research generate ...
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Glyphosate Use in Asia and Implications of Possible Restrictions on its Use

Graham Brookes
PG Economics Ltd, UK This study examined the farm level implications of restrictions on glyphosate use. These are likely ...
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Biotechnology and Demand Concerns: The Case of Genetically Modified US Sugar Beets

P. Lynn Kennedy
Louisiana State University
Andrew Schmitz
University of Florida
Karen Lewis DeLong
University of Tennessee While genetically modified (GM) crops have provided significant ...
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