The Anticipated Value of SmartStax™ for US Corn Growers

Michele C. Marra, Nicholas E. Piggott, and Barry K. Goodwin
North Carolina State University This study provides an estimate of the ...
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Stochastic Benefit Streams, Learning, and Technology Diffusion: Why Drought Tolerance is Not the New Bt

Travis J. Lybbert and Adrian Bell
University of California, Davis The speed of Bt cotton diffusion among smallholders in poor countries ...
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The Production and Price Impact of Biotech Corn, Canola, and Soybean Crops

Graham Brookes
PG Economics
Tun Hsiang “Edward” Yu
University of Tennessee
Simla Tokgoz
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Amani Elobeid
Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development ...
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Cost of Compliance with Biotechnology Regulation in the Philippines: Implications for Developing Countries

Jessica C. Bayer
Budget Office in the City of Norfolk, Virginia
George W. Norton
Virginia Tech
Jose B. Falck-Zepeda
International Food Policy Research Institute Direct ...
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Prospects for Development of Genetically Modified Cassava in Sub- Saharan Africa

Hiroyuki Takeshima
International Food Policy Research Institute, Nigeria The prospect for the development of genetically modified (GM) orphan crops is reviewed ...
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Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Environmental Effects, 1996-2008

Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot
PG Economics Ltd, Dorchester, UK This article updates the assessment of the impact commercialized agricultural biotechnology ...
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