Overview of Special Issue from the 2009 ICABR Conference

Justus Wesseler
Wageningen University
Stuart Smyth
University of Saskatchewan
Sara Scatasta
University of Hohenheim Until the recent financial crisis, biology-based industries were some of the ...
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Policy Recommendations from the 13th ICABR Conference on the
Emerging Bioeconomy

Stuart J. Smyth
University of Saskatchewan
José B. Falck-Zepeda
International Food Policy Research Institute
Richard S. Gray
University of Saskatchewan
Anwar Nassem
McGill University
Robert Paarlberg
Wellesley College
Peter W.B ...
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Turning Black Swans Green: The Vittorio Santaniello Memorial Lecture

Odin K. Knudsen
J.P. Morgan This article argues that the severe (or Black Swan) event of a financial crisis provides the ...
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The Effect of Biofuels on Crude Oil Markets

Gal Hochman, Deepak Rajagopal, and David Zilberman
University of California-Berkeley To quantify the effect of biofuel on global oil markets, we ...
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The Economics of Microalgae Oil

James W. Richardson, Joe L. Outlaw, and Marc Allison
Texas A&M University A Monte Carlo simulation model for a commercial-scale microalgae ...
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Policies to Support Biofuels in Europe: The Changing Landscape of Instruments

Augusto Ninni
University of Parma and IEFE/Bocconi University, Milan, Italy Until 2008/2009, biofuels were considered among the best alternatives to oil ...
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The Adoption and Diffusion of GM Crops in United States: A Real Option Approach

Pasquale L. Scandizzo and Sara Savastano
University of Rome “Tor Vergata” The article aims at modelling adoption and diffusion decisions of ...
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Is Agricultural Biotechnology Part of Sustainable Agriculture? Different Views in Switzerland and New Zealand

Philipp Aerni
University of Bern and ETH Zurich, Switzerland Most countries claim to be committed to sustainable agriculture. Yet, the meaning ...
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Low-Level Presence of New GM Crops: An Issue on the Rise for Countries Where They Lack Approval

Alexander J. Stein and Emilio Rodríguez-Cerezo
European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) This study addresses ...
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Facilitating Innovation in Agricultural Biotechnology: An Examination of the Ag-West Biotech Model, 1989-2004

Camille D. Ryan and Stuart J. Smyth
University of Saskatchewan Innovation is more than just science. Innovation encompasses a diversity of ...
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