Special Issue in Honor of Jimmye S. Hillman: Introduction

George B. Frisvold
University of Arizona In March 2013, the annual research conference for US Department of Agriculture multi-state research project ...

Conflicting Rules for the International Trade of GM Products: Does International Law Provide a Solution?

William A. Kerr, Stuart Smyth, Peter W.B. Phillips, and Martin Phillipson
University of Saskatchewan, Canada The Vienna Convention on the Law ...

Farmers’ Perceptions of Biopharming

Michelle Hayes, Genti Kostandini, Jeffrey L. Jordan
University of Georgia This article investigates farmers’ perceptions of biopharming in the United States ...

Horses as Sources of Proprietary Information: Commercialization, Conservation, and Compensation Pursuant to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Haley McClory and Stanley P. Kowalski
University of New Hampshire, School of Law, International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI) Horses indigenous to ...

The Economics of Labeling GM Foods

Wallace E. Huffman
Iowa State University
Jill J. McCluskey
Washington State University This article discusses GM food-labeling policy options and evaluates the factors ...

Choosing Between Increased Means and Reduced Variance: Implications for Genetically Modified Crops

Charles B. Moss and Andrew Schmitz
University of Florida Plant genetic modifications can affect farm profitability through two pathways—the reduction in ...

Comparison of Sampling Strategies to Evaluate Rate of Transgenic Adventitious Presence in Agricultural Fields

Rémi Bancal
INRA, Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR) 211 INRA AgroParisTech Grignon
Arnaud Bensadoun
INRA, Unité de Recherche (UR) 341 Mathématiques et Informatique ...

GIMI 2: A Tool for Fast Estimation and Prediction of GMO Maize Contents in Real Coexistence Situations

Enric Melé
Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology (IRTA), Spain
Anna Nadal
University of Girona, Spain
Marina Melé-Messeguer
Maria Pla
University of Girona, ...

Use of Novel Techniques in Plant Breeding and Practical Consequences Concerning Detection, Traceability, Labeling, and Risk Assessment

Alexandra Ribarits, Werner Brüller, Josef Hartmann, Rupert Hochegger, Klemens Mechtler, Verena Peterseil, Josef Söllinger, Walter Stepanek, Ingomar Widhalm, Markus Wögerbauer, ...

Preliminary Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plant Use in Ukraine

Oleg V. Novozhylov and Yaroslav B. Blume
Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Proposed research ...