Funing Zhong
Nanjing Agricultural University
Mary A. Marchant
University of Kentucky
Yulian Ding
Nanjing Agricultural University
Kaiyu Lu
Nanjing Agricultural University

This article provides insights on Chinese consumers’ awareness of and potential attitudes toward genetically modified (GM) foods and identifies major factors influencing these attitudes as assessed by telephone interviews in the city of Nanjing. Additionally, a preliminary analysis of Chinese media reports on GM foods was conducted for the 1995-2001 time period in Beijing and Shanghai. These media reports serve as an important source of information that may influence consumers’ attitudes. Results indicate that the majority of Chinese consumers surveyed had little knowledge of GM foods, that almost all surveyed consumers thought that GM foods should be labeled, and that media attention on GM foods has increased since the late 1990s in both frequency and the number of negative articles.

Key words: China, genetically modified foods, GMOs, biotechnology.