The Net Gain to Cotton Farmers of a Natural Refuge Plan for Bollgard II® Cotton

Nicholas E. Piggott and Michele C. Marra
North Carolina State University. This paper presents an evaluation of the initial potential economic ...
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The Long-Run Impact of Corn-Based Ethanol on the Grain, Oilseed, and Livestock Sectors with Implications for Biotech Crops

Amani Elobeid, Simla Tokgoz, Dermot J. Hayes, Bruce A. Babcock, and Chad E. Hart
Iowa State University. The ongoing growth of ...
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The Cost of Product Development of Bt Corn Event MON810 in the Philippines

Abraham J. Manalo and Godfrey P. Ramon
Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP). The estimated total cost of developing Bt corn ...
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Insect Resistance Management Plans: The Farmers’ Perspective

Corinne Alexander
Purdue University. Farmers are required to implement insect resistance management (IRM) plans for all Bt crops in order to ...
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Inequality and GM Crops: A Case-Study of Bt Cotton in India

Stephen Morse, Richard Bennett, and Yousouf Ismael
University of Reading, United Kingdom. Critics of genetically modified (GM) crops often contend that ...
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A Review of International Labeling Policies of Genetically Modified Food to Evaluate India’s Proposed Rule

Guillaume P. Gruère
Environment and Production Technology Division, International, Food Policy Research Institute.
S.R. Rao
Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology ...
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