Yields, Insecticide Productivity, and Bt Corn: Evidence from Damage Abatement Models in the Philippines

Maria Erlinda Mutuc
Texas Tech University
Roderick M. Rejesus
North Carolina State University
Jose M. Yorobe, Jr.
University of the Philippines at Los Baños This ...
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Variety Market Development: A Bt Cotton Cropping Factor and Constraint in China

Michel Fok
Naiyin Xu
Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Research Institute of Industrial Crops, China In China, Bt-cotton ...
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Risk of Regulation or Regulation of Risk? A De Minimus Framework for Genetically Modified Crops

Tim Durham
Florida Gulf Coast University
John Doucet
Nicholls State University
Lori Unruh Snyder
Purdue University The precautionary principle places an impractical onus on science ...
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Identified Gaps in Biosafety Knowledge and Expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dennis N. Obonyo, Lilian M. Nfor, and Sylvia Uzochukwu
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Cape Town, South Africa
Marianela ...
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The Prospects for Acceptance of Animal Cloning in the European Food Chain: Early Insights from an Irish Sentinel Group

Cathal Murphy and Maeve Henchion
Ashtown Food Research Centre, Dublin
Mary McCarthy
University College, Cork
Gwilym A. Williams
Dublin Institute of Technology European stakeholders will ...
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