Biotechnology for a Second Green Revolution in India: Socioeconomic, Political, and Public Policy Issues

N. Chandrasekhara Rao
Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi
Carl E. Pray
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Ronald J. Herring
Cornell University Long-term ...

Politics of Biotechnology: Ideas, Risk, and Interest in Cases from India

Ronald J. Herring
Cornell University Much of the literature on agricultural biotechnology is agro-economic. How material facts on the ground relate ...

Labeling GM Food in India: Anticipating the Effects on GM Brinjal and Rice Marketing Chains

Sangeeta Bansal
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Guillaume Gruère
Formerly International Food Policy Research Institute Several genetically modified (GM) food crops have reached an ...

The Competing Policy Paradigms of Agricultural Biotechnology: Implications and Opportunities for Emerging and Developing Economies

Gregory D. Graff
Colorado State University
Gal Hochman
Rutgers University
Chubashini Suntharlingam
Colorado State University and Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
David Zilberman
University of California, ...

Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Private-sector R&D on Cotton Productivity in India

Latha Nagarajan
International Fertilizer Development Center
Carl E. Pray and Anwar Naseem
Rutgers University Private seed firms in India have made significant investments ...

Socio-economic Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption in India: Evidence from Panel Data

Prakash Sadashivappa
University of Hohenheim, Germany Several empirical studies have evaluated the farm-level and aggregate impacts of transgenic crops in developed ...

Technology Diffusion and Adoption in Cotton Cultivation: Emerging Scenario in Gujarat

N. Lalitha and P.K. Viswanathan
Gujarat Institute of Development Research Technology adoption in agriculture depends on the access to information by ...

The Potential Economic Impacts of Herbicide-tolerant Maize in Developing Countries: A Case Study

Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
University of Missouri
John Kruse
World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services
Marnus Gouse
Gates Foundation and University of Pretoria In this study, we ...