Introduction: Essays in Honor of Wallace Huffman

Peter F. Orazem
Iowa State University
Greg Traxler
University of Washington
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
University of Missouri This introduction relates how Wallace Huffman went from a ...
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Eighty Years of Research on Rural Economic Development, Agglomeration, Migration, Commuting, Income, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: The Iowa State Human Capital Tradition

Georgeanne M. Artz
Iowa State University
Insoo Cho
York College
Zizhen Guo
Wuhan University
Younjun Kim
University of Nebraska
Peter F. Orazem
Iowa State University
Li Yu
Central University of Finance ...
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Immigration and Farm Labor: Challenges and Opportunities

Philip Martin
University of California, Davis Hired workers do most of the work on US farms; three-fourths of these workers were ...
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The Impact of Maternal Occupation and Pre-Pregnancy Weight Status on Childhood Obesity

Jessica Schuring
Central College Matched mother/child data from the 2008 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth are used to estimate how child, ...
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Mechanized Agriculture: Machine Adoption, Farm Size, and Labor Displacement

Andrew Schmitz and Charles B. Moss
University of Florida Mechanization in such countries as the United States and Canada has dramatically ...
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Why do US Corn Yields Increase? The Contributions of Genetics, Agronomy, and Policy Instruments

Stephen Smith and Brad Kurtz
DuPont Pioneer Much of the future quality of life will depend upon improved abilities to sustainably ...
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Testing the Induced Innovation Hypothesis: Accounting for Innovation Creation and Innovation Implementation Incentives

C. Richard Shumway, Benjamin W. Cowan, and Daegoon Lee
Washington State University Despite extensive empirical literature on the induced innovation hypothesis ...
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The Loss from Underutilizing GM Technologies

David Zilberman and Scott Kaplan
University of California, Berkeley
Justus Wesseler
Wageningen University This article introduces a framework based on a real-option approach ...
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Fifteen Years of Experimental Auctions of GM Foods: What Have We Learned about Policy, Preferences, and Auction Design?

Matthew C. Rousu
Susquehanna University It was a coincidence that GM foods became ubiquitous at the same time that researchers started ...
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Consumer Preferences, Ecolabels, and Effects of Negative Environmental Information

Xianwen Chen, Frode Alfnes, and Kyrre Rickertsen
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Consumers prefer ecolabeled products. However, little is known about ...
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