Impacts Of Herbicide Resistant Rice Technology On Rice-Soybeans Rotation

Mamane Annou, Michael Thomsen, and Eric Wailes
University of Arkansas Herbicide resistant (HR) rice biotechnology provides control of the red rice ...
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Cross Pollination From Genetically Engineered Corn: Wind Transport And Seed Source

John M. Jemison, Jr. and Michael E. Vayda
University of Maine Pollen transport from genetically engineered corn was evaluated by testing ...
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Language And Persuasion In Biotechnology Communication With The Public: How To Not Say What You’re Not Going To Not Say And Not Say It

Steven B. Katz
North Carolina State University This paper explores the role of language in biotechnology communication with public. Analyzing a ...
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French Ag-Biotech SMEs: Development Prospects

Vincent Mangematin, Stéphane Lemarié, and David Catherine
Université Pierre Mendès, Grenoble, France European policy to promote small- and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) ...
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Biotechnology R&D; Races, Industry Structure, And Public And Private Sector Research Orientation

James F. Oehmke
Michigan State University This paper examines research and development (R&D;) activity, industry structure, and public sector and private ...
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The Estimated Profit Impact Of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin On New York Dairy Farms For The Years 1994 Through 1997

Loren W. Tauer
Cornell University Data from New York dairy farms for the years 1994 through 1997 were used to estimate ...
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Decomposing The Size Effect On The Adoption Of Innovations: Agrobiotechnology And Precision Agriculture

Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, Stan Daberkow, and William D. McBride
Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture This paper examines the factors ...
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Agricultural Biotechnology And Industry Structure

Murray Fulton and Konstantinos Giannakas
University of Saskatchewan & University of Nebraska-Lincoln In the last ten years the seed and pesticide ...
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AgrEvo: From Crop Protection To Crop Production

Jos Bijman
LEI, the Netherlands AgrEvo is a German producer of crop protection products. In 1995 it made the strategic decision ...
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