Communicating About Agrobiotechnology

Leonie A. Marks
University of Missouri-Columbia Agricultural biotechnology is a fundamental technology platform that is promising to transform the world food ...
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Publics’ Opinions About Biotechnologies

Baruch Fischhoff and Ilya Fischhoff
Carnegie Mellon University & Princeton University Surveys eliciting opinions about biotechnology applications suggest the following conclusions ...
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A Primer On Risk: An Interdisciplinary Approach To Thinking About Public Understanding Of Agbiotech

Lee Wilkins
University of Missouri-Columbia This essay outlines some of the major social-science based understandings in the fields of risk assessment, ...
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Sending Messages Nobody Wants To Hear: A Primer In Risk Communication

Jon Palfreman
Palfreman Film Group, Inc. Using case studies from nuclear waste disposal to genetically modified organisms, this paper examines the ...
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Communication Of Food-Related Risks

Katija Blaine and Douglas Powell
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada Assessing the scientific risks of agri-food technologies must be coupled with ...
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The Dynamics Of Scientific Controversies

Pamela J. Hines
Science Science controversies can be distinguished from one another on whether the issue of controversy is a matter ...
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News’ Compartmentalization: Implications For Food Biotechnology Coverage

Robert A. Logan
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism This essay explains that some of the news media's challenges and problems ...
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Mass Media Communications About Agrobiotechnology

Leonie A. Marks and Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
University of Missouri-Columbia The media is often accused of sensationalism and bias in its reporting ...
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The Public Debate On Agrobiotechnology: A Biotech Company’s Perspective

Roger W. Krueger
Monsanto Company Since the first commercial release of a bioengineered crop in 1996, planted acres of enhanced crops ...
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Public Perceptions And Willingness-To-Pay A Premium For Non-GM Foods In The US And UK

Wanki Moon and Siva K. Balasubramanian
Southern Illinois University Carbondale This study uses consumer survey data collected in the United States ...
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