The Future of Governance in the Global Bioeconomy: Policy, Regulation, and Investment Challenges for the Biotechnology and Bioenergy Sectors

Justus Wesseler
Technische Universität München
David J. Spielman
International Food Policy Research Institute
Matty Demont
Africa Rice Center Today more than ever, the global bioeconomy ...
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Policy Gridlock or Future Change? The Political Economy Dynamics of EU Biotechnology Regulation

Johan F.M. Swinnen and Thijs Vandemoortele
LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance & Department of Economics, University of Leuven (K.U ...
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Price Controls and Biotechnology Innovation: Are State Government Policies Reducing Research and Innovation by the Ag Biotech Industry in India?

Carl E. Pray and Latha Nagarajan
Rutgers University In 2006, the governments of major cotton-producing states in India ordered all seed ...
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Poverty Impacts of Improved Agricultural Productivity: Opportunities for Genetically Modified Crops

Maros Ivanic and Will Martin
The World Bank Constraints on land and water resources, growth in population, and an apparent slowdown ...
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Developments in Agricultural Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jennifer A. Thomson and Dionne N. Shepherd
University of Cape Town
Hodeba D. Mignouna
African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) A number of crops ...
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The Commercial Application of GMO Crops in Africa: Burkina Faso’s Decade of Experience with Bt Cotton

Jeffrey D. Vitale
Oklahoma State University
Gaspard Vognan, Marc Ouattarra, and Ouola Traore
Institute National Environment et Agricole (INERA) Program Coton, Bobo Dioulasso, ...
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Public vs. Private Agbiotech Research in the United States and European Union, 2002-2009

Dario G. Frisio, Giovanni Ferrazzi, Vera Ventura, & Mauro Vigani
Università degli Studi di Milano We provide an in-depth analysis of ...
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Resistance Management and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biotechnology

George B. Frisvold
University of Arizona
Jeanne M. Reeves
Cotton Incorporated While crop biotechnologies deployed worldwide with herbicideresistant (HR) or insect-resistant (IR) traits ...
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Resolving FTO Barriers in GM Canola

Viktoriya Galushko
University of Regina
Richard Gray and Stuart Smyth
University of Saskatchewan The development of intellectual property (IP) protection in plant breeding ...
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Assessing the Welfare Effects of US Biofuel Policies

GianCarlo Moschini, Harvey Lapan, and Jingbo Cui
Iowa State University
Joseph Cooper
US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service This article assesses the ...
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