Product Differentiation Alternatives: Identity Preservation, Segregation, and Traceability

Stuart Smyth
Ph.D. Candidate, Biotechnology, University of Saskatchewan
Peter W.B. Phillips
Professor of Agricultural Economics, NSERC/SSHRC Chair in Managing Knowledge-based Agri-food Development, University ...
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The Payoffs to Transgenic Field Crops: An Assessment of the Evidence

Michele C. Marra
Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University
Philip G. Pardey
Professor, Department of Applied Economics, University ...
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Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetic Modification, Functional Foods, and Microorganisms: A Choice Modeling Experiment for Beer

Michael Burton
School of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Western Australia
Dale Pearse
School of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Western ...
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Unacknowledged Health Benefits of Genetically Modified Food: Salmon and Heart Disease Deaths

Randall Lutter
AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies
Katherine Tucker
Associate Professor of Nutrition; Director, Nutritional Epidemiology Program, School of Nutrition Science and ...
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Production and Marketing Characteristics of Adopters and Nonadopters of Transgenic Cotton Varieties in California

Marianne McGarry Wolf, John Gelke, Michelle Lindo, Philip Doub, and Brian Lohse
California Polytechnic State University This paper analyzes the characteristics ...
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