Stelios Rozakis
Technical University of Crete, Greece
Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG-PIB), Poland
Davide Viaggi
University of Bologna, Italy
Wieslaw Oleszek
Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG-PIB), Poland

The transition from a mineral dependent economy to one in which biogenic resources form the basis of biobased products and production processes relies both on scientific innovative knowledge and on the capacity of agricultural, aquacultural, and forestry ecosystems to deliver biomass for food and non-food uses. Agricultural policy is expected to play a critical role in facilitating such a transition, being one of the few highly harmonized EU policies, with a substantial budget and a strong experience base. Within the EU, the question often raised is twofold: to what extent the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) shapes alternative pathways to sustainable bioeconomy transition, and conversely how bioeconomy development is paving the way for new potential areas for reform of the CAP and related research challenges. This also brings in the topic of coordination between the CAP and the EU bioeconomy strategy. Read more. . .