Monty S. Kerley and Gary L. Allee
Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia

Animal feed is the primary user of the nonoil component of soy- beans. Breeding and gene modification strategies have been successfully employed to alter the seed composition of soy- beans in a manner that enhances their use in animal feeds. Examples include altering amino acid profiles, fatty acid compo- sition, oligosaccharide removal, and most notably phytic acid reduction. Such enhancements are required if soybeans are to maintain their use level in animal feeding applications. As advancements in genetic modification continue, an even greater level of animal feed applications will ensue through develop- ment of soybeans that have antimicrobial, health, and biogenic properties. Thus, soybeans in the future may not be produced as much for use as a protein feedstuff or as a source of oil, but rather for their ability to promote beneficial physiological proper- ties or to enhance food safety.

Key words: Soybean, feed, genetic modification.