Mariusz Maciejczak
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), Poland

The paper is an attempt to assess the extent to which policies designed and implemented for bioeconomy development in the European Union address the societal expectations for holistically perceived quality delivered not only with product characteristics but also from economic processes as societal and environmental services. It is argued that bioeconomy policy so far fails to address sustainability quality but, being coherent with Common Agricultural Policy, can be shifted in such direction. The policy framework for agriculture development has already shown a drift from quality resulting from sole economic expectations towards quality that addresses the economic, societal, and environmental requirements. On other hand, bioeconomy objectives to deliver food with increased quality and non-food biomass are presenting new challenges for agricultural policy to ensure the coexistence of different production systems aimed at delivering quality.

Key words: Bioeconomy, quality, Common Agricultural Policy, coexistence, Poland.