Timothy Conner, E. Hamer Paschal, Alberto Barbero, and Eric Johnson
Monsanto Company

Soybeans are the primary source of the world’s supply of protein and vegetable oil. The demand for increased production of soybeans is forecasted to mirror the world’s population growth and demand for protein and edible oil. In order to meet this demand, production acreages are increasing in key global soybean areas; moreover, technologies to increase production efficiency through transgenic trait control of yield-robbing pests and pathogens, while lowering the cost and use of insecticide and other less efficient agricultural practices, are very much a reality. In addition, the increase in more efficient and more sustainable agronomic practices will help fuel some key improvements in soybean quality and new opportunities for agricultural solutions resulting in feed improvements, health benefits through foods, and new industrial opportunities contributing to a more sustainable global environment.

Key words: Biotechnology traits, glyphosate tolerance, insect resistance, quality improvement, soybean production, virus resistance.