A Soybean Biotechnology Outlook

John C. Gardner and Thomas L. Payne
University of Missouri-Columbia Soybean has been closely associated with developments in science and technology, ...

The Status of Soybean Genomics and Its Role in the Development of Soybean Biotechnologies

Randy C. Shoemaker
USDA ARS, Iowa State University
Jessica A. Schlueter
Department of Zoology and Genetics, Iowa State University
Perry Cregan
USDA ARS Soybean Genomics ...

The Future of Biotechnology in Soybeans

John Soper, Dennis Judd, Daria Schmidt, and Steve Sullivan
Pioneer Hi-Bred This article looks at rising soybean demand, how technology is ...

Genetic Enhancement of Soybean Oil for Industrial Uses: Prospects and Challenges

Edgar B. Cahoon
Plant Genetics Research Unit, United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Soybean oil is a renewable raw ...

Modifications in Soybean Seed Composition to Enhance Animal Feed Use and Value: Moving From a Dietary Ingredient to a Functional Dietary Component

Monty S. Kerley and Gary L. Allee
Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia Animal feed is the primary user of ...

The United Soybean Board’s Better Bean Initiative: Building United States Soybean Competitiveness from the Inside Out

David Durham
United Soybean Board Improving compositional quality traits for oil and protein content in soybeans has been a key factor ...

Role of Public and Private Soybean Breeding Programs in the Development of Soybean Varieties Using Biotechnology

D.A. Sleper and J.G. Shannon
Department of Agronomy, University of Missouri-Columbia Modern biotechnology has and will continue to play a valuable ...

The Dynamics of Biotechnology in the Soybean Marketplace

Steven Sonka
Assistant Dean for Research Strategy, Chair Emeritus in Soybean Industry Strategy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The goal of ...

Agronomics and Sustainability of Transgenic Cotton in Argentina

Matin Qaim
Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn
Eugenio J. Cap
Instituto de Economía y Sociología, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria ...

Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: How Do US Consumers Want to See It Done?

Mario F. Teisl
Department of Resource Economics and Policy, University of Maine
Luke Garner
Department of Resource Economics and Policy, University of Maine
Brian ...